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Mussolini – The Untold Story
A beautifully produced 7-hour mini-series, following the stories of Vittorio Mussolini – the eldest son of the dictator in 20’s Italy. Taking the stories of these controversial figures of 20th century outside of their usual documentary form, writer Stirling Silliphant and director William A. Graham created a stirring drama, supported with a wonderful cast, including Raul Julia, Gabriel Byrne, Lee Grant and Robert Downey Jr.

(4 parts)

Jack hunter
Jack Hunter is a 2008 adventure mini-series starring Ivan Sergei, the lead of TV drama Jack and Jill. Armed with the full western tough adventurer appeal and matching skills, Hunter appears to be giving out all the treasure-hunt traditional excitement and fun, wrapped up in a full 4 hour series.

(3 parts)

Jazz Legends Live!
Tune in and get yourself all around the world to the places where the magic of jazz happens – the intimate American jazz clubs, open air jazz festivals and concert halls throughout Europe – with this series of greatest contemporary jazz artists’ live performances. With this wonderful music, amazing quality and enthusiasm of the performing jazz legends, you can get up and join the worldwide audience’ exciting and dynamic experience of jazz.
(14 parts)
This half-hour nature series showcases the full HD-beauty of the wildlife and its amazing habitants: polar bears, exotic monkeys, colorful toucans, giant whales, penguins, bald eagles or grizzly bears. In a fascinating, fun and energetic manner, Uncaged invites the viewers on an amazing exploration tour around the globe, all the while keeping the major mission to assimilate the importance of preserving the nature as it was handed to us – Uncaged.
(9 parts)
Solos – The Jazz Sessions
Who knew you could get your seat in the front row for the most exciting jazz shows right in your own home? Featuring great artists such as Bill Frisell, Greg Osby, Gonzalo, John Abercrombie, Andrew Hill and many more, each episode offers complete musical pieces, insightful interviews and behind-the-scenes footage to create an intimate and unique jazz experience. Great atmosphere combined with great music is bringing here for the home viewers a celebration of the variety of jazz styles – from the blues and boogie-woogie to bebop and beyond.
(12 parts)
Dannie Draws
3D animation series following Dannie and Daddy and their painting fun-time together, as Daddy and the audience can try and guess what Dannie has in mind as he draws. Children will love to paint just as much as Dannie does with the different ideas each episode presents, with the ingenious creativity it encourages to and the endless imagination that drawing allows.
(9 parts)
Fearless Music
Fearless artists in these fearless performances are fearlessly bringing the world’s ultimate off-mainstream live shows to this amazing HD series! The ultimate indie live shows from the biggest names, gathered together in 34 episodes shot in NYC – with an amazing video quality, awesome sound and the most adventurous and inspiring artists.

(34 parts)

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