Special Offers
Beside the totally free "Movie of the Month", we will offer five different full featured films in a special 0.49$ bargain deal that will change monthly:
Young at Heart
A Frank Sinatra - Doris Day 1954 musical, following the lives and romances of three sisters in a musical family.
Mill of the Stone Women
European horror full of 60's-fashion stylish atmosphere. The Mad Scientist is trying to keep his afflicted daughter from turning to stone by transfusing her with the blood of local women.
The Shaolin Temple
In the film to make Jet Li a superstar Martial Arts hero, the son a slave worker escapes to the Shaolin Temple, learns kung fu, and sets out to fight the traitor who killed his father.
Things are going to get pretty nasty when action genre's ultimate Tough Guy, Danny Trejo (Machete), has to take down anyone that stands in his way in order to save a little girl's life.
Susan Sarandon's film debut as a junkie teenager, whose father, a wealthy businessman, confronts and kills her drug-dealing boyfriend. Panic-stricken at a bar, he meets the title character played by Peter Boyle, a drunken factory who hates hippies, blacks, and anyone who is different, and would like to kill one himself... complications ensue.

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