Donald and Dot Clock Found Dead in Their Home

"Donald and Dot Clock" is a story about two social misfits who meet, fall in love, marry and die. He is a failed, but hopeful dancer who can't keep a job. She is a psychic hot-line counselor who is obsessed with the "Rodent Harmonic Balance". Dot's rats take over the house and prevent the couple from consummating their marriage. Eventually, Donald takes a stand. He sneaks into the house when Dot is away, applies rat poison everywhere and kills the varmints. When she discovers what he has done, Dot throws Donald out. Despondent, Donald commits suicide but is allowed to return from the Afterlife because he hears Dot saying "I love you". At home, they no longer have the interference of rats, but the poison which was used to eliminate the rodents found its way into the couple's last meal. Oblivious to their demise, Donald and Dot laugh and dance to the Afterlife together.

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