Life, Death and Ganga

The film starts with Amro going to Varanasi to stay there for three days and at the end of the third day wants to kill himself by drawning in Ganga. In the first day his eyes are captured by wonders of the city and its people. On the second day his mind is captivated by the wisdom of a local Boatman and the aloofness of Sasur, and in the third day he spends all his time with a foreign girl whom he had accidentally met during the second day. It is during the third day that his heart finds a new rhythm to beat. The attraction leads Amro to confess to the foreign girl, Ruth, that he had actually come to Varanasi to kill himself. He knew this city as the city of death, and believes that suicide is a fast way out of this world. The confused Amro is stuck between life and death.

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