Six friends share life like family, bound by their love for each other and by their desire to party. Friendships stemmed from innocence, enthralled by hidden angst and destroyed by love. Eloise is the voice of the group and everyone’s shoulder but is yearning to be heard. Lane a high profile businessman whose constant desire to impress Vania is pushing him to his breaking point. Vania is the party girl, living life to the limit whilst trying to hide her plethora of emotional baggage and her true feelings for one of her friends. Tamer is Vania’s best friend who loves to be loved, a ladies man whose insensitivity towards others doesn’t go unnoticed. Ivy, the baby of the group and Sabri’s best friend, her fling with Tamer has left its mark on them both unable to deal with Tamer’s feelings for her as she still yearns the love of her dead boyfriend. Sabri, Eloise’s first love who is blind to her wants because he’s so wrapped up his own life and friends. The secrets and hidden passions amongst the group grow until one day the secrets surface and can hide no more.

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