The Holy Mountain

A common thief is tied up on a huge cross and stoned by a group of young boys. As he wanders through the town; merchants think he looks like Christ and they make little figurines in his likeness and call him simply Thief. These charlatans making a comparison between him and Christ offend Thief and he shatters their statuettes. Then he seeks a guru who can lead him on the path of true self-awareness. He meets an experimental scientist who is able to convince him of his qualification by turning the Thief's excrement into gold. Convinced he has found his spiritual teacher; he joins up with the scientist and his group of followers who each represent a particular evil in this world. The troupe all head for the "The Holy Mountain" where nine sages are said to live. The scientist tells his followers that these sages have the answers to life and self-awareness and will enlighten them all so they can at last understand the true meaning of their lives.

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