The Injustice System In America

According to the Bureau of Justice 49% of all prison inmates nationally are African American compared to their 13% make up of the overall population. Hispanics constitute 17% of the prison population nationally compared to their 10% of the total population. Most inmates are incarcerated due to drug use, not drug sales. Perhaps we should invest in drug treatment programs instead of more prisons. But those who profit from jail construction would obviously oppose such a transition. The Injustice System In America examines the following: Ubiquitous leagues of minority inmates reflect a prejudice that still painfully reverberates through American courts. There is no ostensible blindfold covering Lady Justice's eyes. Wealthy, white Americans who deal in illegal drugs and other criminal subversive activity escape harsh treatment when their poor, minority counterparts jam prison cells. Cary Silberman, an adjunct professor of law and executive producer of the award winning Documentary, La Senora Eva Peron, embarks upon one of this year's most important feature length documentaries. The film exposes the injustice system in America and uncovers the truth relative to the imbalances infested in our decaying criminal justice system. Interview subjects include San Francisco public defender Jeff Adachi; Van Jones, Esq. (Ella Barker Center); Michelle Alexander, Esq. (Stanford Law School); and Vernell Critendon (Public Information Officer, San Quentin Prison).

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