The Journey

"The Journey" follows the unique adventures of Steve, a chronic video game addict, wasting his days away in a cloud of pot smoke and underachievement as a flunky at Target. In deep denial of his Latino heritage, Steve is locked into a life of mundane gratification. That is, until his long suffering girlfriend Rhona rocks his world by dumping him and leaving for an archaeological dig in Mexico. "Getting the boot" snaps Steve out of his comfort zone and sends him into a spiral of depression and anger. Trying to recover his emotional equilibrium, Steve hooks up disastrously with several ex-girlfriends before finally realizing that he's just lost the only woman he truly loves. Heeding the words of several impromptu mentors, Steve finally gets off his couch and heads off to Mexico in a spur-of-the-moment adventure to track Rhona down and win her back. However, Steve quickly finds himself lost and alone in a strange.

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