Thru Traffic (Speed Devils)

Dan Holden and Martin "Marty" Gray, friendly automobile racing rivals, crash and find themselves sharing a hospital room. The doctor orders Dan to abandon racing permanently, so he agrees to Marty's suggestion that they open a garage together in Harristown. Pat Corey, a reporter, who is Dan's girl friend, invites the two to a formal party sponsored by the city. At the party, Pat confides to Marty that she is really in love with him and regards Dan only as a pal, but Marty refuses to betray his partner. When Logan and Hart, two crooked politicians, propose sending the city's repair business to Dan and Marty, Marty is suspicious of their motives and Dan rejects the offer. Meanwhile, Pat has been writing about city corruption and for revenge, and to divide Dan and Marty, Logan and Hart lure Pat to the Blue Moon Inn where they detain her. Logan and Hart then trick both Dan and Marty to the inn where the partners quarrel over Pat. When the inn catches fire, Pat escapes and during the blaze, she and Dan come to an understanding. He rushes into the burning building to save an unconscious Marty. Back in the hospital recovering from burns, the two friends are reunited and Marty receives Pat's kiss.

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