White Fang To The Rescue

White Fang To The Rescue once again bounces into action when a human friend gets killed by greedy gold-rushers. Fang and another human friend find the body and the second man decides to switch identities with the other.
This sets up a plot involving the murdered man's son, who is the heir to his dad's deed and the villains of the film kidnap him to squander the fortune, while the man is falsely under suspicion of the murder. It is then up to White Fang to save the day. Even more of a pleasure to dog-lovers, Fang is given more to do in this film than its prequel. He tries to rescue the boy from a bear; can open doors with his mouth. He again attempts to rescue the boy from the kidnappers, which shows what an above average canine Fang is. Great action scenes abound in this film.

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